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Why does PD3 Zoning Require County Council Approval?

The 2005 Olney Master Plan recommends the R200 and PD3 zoning for this property.  The increase in units must be approved by the County Council because it was not obvious that 118 units (PD3 zoning) would be the best recommendation at the time.  Therefore, a site plan must be submitted as part of the re-zoning application.  This increase is likely but not automatic.  If the County Council hears from hundreds of community members that R200 is the correct zoning for this property, then perhaps the Council will listen and vote to keep the property R200.  Be sure to have your voice heard the week before the Council votes on this.  You can request to be sent an email notification when this happens if you send your email, name, and address to bfalcigno at (I did not write the @ in the email properly so it is less likely to get picked up for spam).


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Developer of 32 acres will submit rezoning application by mid July 2009

The 32 acres property is along Bowie Mill Road bound by Daly Manor Dr, Darnell Drive, and Ivy Lane.  The property is zoned in the Master Plan for 2 units per acre (called R-200) with the possibility of 3 units per acre (PD3).  Two units per acre has a maximum of 78 housing units (it is not 64 since there is a MPDU bonus density).  Three units per acre has a maximum of 118 units.  The increase from 78 to 118 units must be approved by the County Council and it is expected to be before the Council sometime this fall.

June 12, 2009 at 2:55 am


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