Developing land in Montgomery County is a long and complex process.  Master plans indicate zoning which states what can be built.  The Growth Policy (updated every two years) establishes “tests” for school and road capacity that a new development must pass.  If a new development will cause overcapacity (crowding) in a school cluster or at area intersections, then it will not be allowed to be built. 

In the Olney Master Plan updated in April 2005, the 32 acre property was zoned R200 (two units per acre) with a recommendation for PD3.  The Council did not automatically approve PD3 (translated as 3 units per acre) since it was not clear that 118 units would fit on this property due to the stream and trees on site.  Therefore, the developer is in the process of sharing its site plan for 118 units with the surrounding communities/homeowners before it submits it as part of its application for PD3 zoning.  The Planning Board will deliberate on this plan before making recommendations to the Council.  It is estimated that both the Planning Board and County Council will review this application in the fall of 2009.  Once the zoning is established, then the developer can move forward in the regular development process with a site plan.  If the schedule moves as predicted, this will happen late winter/early spring.  One can expect to see bulldozers on the site by summer of 2010.


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