This is the background power point Olney Coalition presented at the June 30, 2009 meeting of adjacent property owners with the 32 acre Bowie Mill Rd Developer

  Adjacent Property Owners Meeting with Elm Street/MHP

  June 30, 2009    7:30 pm


  •Background Information (Barbara Falcigno from Olney Coalition)

•Presentation of Current Plan (Artie Harris and Steve Sprecher from MHP)

 •Questions & Answers

 •Olney Acres Citizens Meeting

  Purpose of this meeting is to…

  •Understand where we are in this process

•Understand how you can influence the outcome

 •See the current plan and provide feedback to Elm Street


  •April 2005 – Olney Master Plan sets R200/PD3 zoning on property

•2006-2008 – Request for Proposals, awarded to Elm Street/MHP

•July 2009 – Elm Street/MHP applies for PD3 zoning (application requires a proposed plan)

•Fall (?) 2009 – County Council votes whether or not to approve PD3 zone

English Translation of R200 and PD3

  •R200 is a standard zoning allowing 2 units per acre.  On this property (with MPDUs) that means 78 units.

•PD3 is a floating zone which the County Council must approve.  PD is Planned Development and the 3 refers to 3 units per acre, producing 118 units on this property.

  •Master Plan determines what and how much can be built.  This was decided in 2005 and cannot be changed.

•Growth Policy determines when something can be built based on road and school capacity.  This is revised every two years by the County Council.  Developer does not decide if roads/schools are adequate.

What can you do?

  •Voice your opinion to the County Council by sending an email and/or attending the public hearing.  It does make a difference. •Go to for more information.  To be sent a notice of the hearing date & time as well as when to send letters, send an email to with “Want Updates” in the subject line.

Actual Master Plan Recommendation:

  On page 37, the Olney Master Plan states for this property: This approximately 32 acre property on the south side of Bowie Mill Road was recommended for a high school site in the 1980 Master Plan.  The Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) later determined that it was not needed for school purposes, surplussed it, and transferred it to the County.  It is zoned R-200 and contains a stream but no significant forest.  The public ownership, its location on a major road, and the size of the property make it suitable for a housing development including affordable housing.  To maximize the potential for affordable housing, the site is appropriate for R-200/PD-3 zoning but the actual yield may be limited due to compatibility and environmental constraints on the site.  The full yield allowed by the PD-3 Zone is only appropriate if the following objectives can be met:

At least half of the units are affordable (Moderately Priced Dwelling Units (MPDUs) or work force housing).  It would be acceptable to have the affordable housing (to excess of what is required by law) placed on another site in Olney if there is joint development of both sites.  The council recommends that the Executive pursue this option first. 

The size, scale, and design of the development preserve the sensitive environmental resources in accordance with a stormwater management concept approved by the county.  

The stormwater management concept must include measures which are designed to enhance natural storm water filtration and recharge.

The density of development and the resulting population increase does not overwhelm the area’s already severely strained public facilities. 

 Lot sizes, the mix of housing types (single family detached duplexes, and townhouses excluding multi-family units), and the density are compatible with adjacent properties.

Commercial development is not appropriate for this site.

  Recommendations: Since it has been determined that the site is not needed for educational purposes, the site should be used for affordable housing designed to be compatible with the surrounding residential neighborhood.  The site is currently zoned R-200 and is recommended for R-200/PD-3. Include open space with an active recreational component as part of any future development on this site.  Connect the open space to the adjoining residential community through the proposed network of trails and bikeways in the area. A clarification on the recommendation of this property is on page 38 of the Resolution adopted March 15, 2005: As the Executive explores options for disposing of the Bowie Mill School site, the Council recommends that he consider alternatives for maximizing affordable housing while minimizing any negative community or environmental impacts.  One option that should be pursued is allowing private development of this site under the standards of the zone in exchange for development of affordable housing (moderately priced dwelling units and workforce housing) at another location in Olney.  If this exchange occurs, the council recommends that development on the Bowie Mill School site be limited to 78 housing units (the amount allowed under R-200 zoning.)


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